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Main Course - Meat Dishes

  • Medallones Bodeguita (Recommended)Medajon Argentine beef in mushroom sauce, served with rice, fried yellow plantain and hot vegetables
  • Churrasco Argentino (Recommended)Argentine beef served with fried potatoes, green plantain & chimichurri (pre-cooked weight approx 450g)
  • Bandeja Paisa (Recommended)A dish served with rice, pork belly, red kidney beans, minced meat, sausage, fried egg, plantain, avocado & corn
  • Carne AsadaGrilled sirloin steak served with green plantain and rice (pre-cooked weight approx 250g)
  • Bisteak a CaballoSirloin steak in onion & tomato sauce, topped with a fried egg. Served with rice & fried potatoes (pre-cooked weight app 250g)
  • Steak PimientaSirloin steak in pepper sauce. Served with rice, potatoes and hot vegetables. (pre-cooked weight approx 250g)
  • Sobrebarriga DoradaBeef skirt grilled. Served with rice, potatoes and garnish
  • Sobrebarriga a la CriollaBeef skirt in criolla sauce. Served with rice & cassava chips
  • Picada Para DosFried Mix—pork belly, sausage, green plantain & tomatoes with much more filling than tapas (enough for two!)
  • Chuleta de CerdoPork escalope served with rice & fried yellow plantain (pre-cooked weight approx 250g)
  • Chuleta de Pollo (fried or grilled)Chicken escalope, fried or grilled, served with rice & fried yellow plantain

Opening Times

Mon - Thur 12.00 - 23.00
Friday 12.00 - 03.00
Saturday 12.00 - 04.00
Sunday 12.30 - 23.00
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