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Peach palm fruit, 750g

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Doña Paula Chontaduro – Peach Palm – also known as ‘cahipay’, peach or ‘pijiguao’ is a tropical fruit from palms tree. It’s believed that some of the best health benefits of peach palm fruit include its ability to boost energy levels, protect vision, prevent the development of cancer, improve the health of your skin, optimise your digestive system, reduce blood pressure, strengthen your immune system, protect infant health, speed up growth and development, and aid in weight loss. The fruits are smaller in size than peaches and plums, and they range in colour from yellow to red, depending on the variety of the peach palm. These palm trees are native to South and Central America, and are not a widely exported crop, although they can often be found in exotic import markets. The fruit has been in use for centuries. Colombia is on of the most important producers of peach palm fruit. Its delicious flavour and high nutritional value make it a great food for any occasion

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